Host A Party… A La Brazil!

With the 2016 Rio Olympics definitely over and done with, the Olympics fever might certainly be already a thing of the past, but we’re not so sure that the Latin American fever has subsided just yet! The Rio Olympics gave us a colourful introduction into the world of South America through its host country, Brazil, and certainly managed to inspire a number of trends based on the culture, fashion, food and just about anything Latin American. If you’re also still in the mood for anything that has to do with Brazil, then you might just want to plan your next party with a Brazilian theme for a change! Read on below to find some interesting ideas to incorporate into your party planning, so that you can certainly be a la Brazil!

• Let’s samba! – you can hire samba dancers to bring about the world of Latin American culture in a definitive way, as well as to invite your guests to dance the night away. With their colourful and sensual outfits, you can count on these dancers to heighten up the mood of your party tenfold or even more!

• And of course, Brazilian music – you can’t certainly get the Brazilian dance show started without any Brazilian music after all! Consider getting a number of music tracks ranging from relaxing Latin American music to some Samba tracks to get the guests on the dance floor! If the dancers are not enough, you might as well go ahead and even hire a Brazilian band to play at your party, but if you’re tight on budget, know that having the soundtracks played from your stereo is also good enough to set the mood!

• Churros anyone? – With the dances and music, don’t go forgetting all about food and drink however! Another essential of a Brazilian themed party has to be Brazilian food, after all. The Brazilian cuisine has a wide range of food types, just like any other cuisine, but opt for finger foods like churros, cassava chips and coxinhas!

• Caipirinhas for drinks! – You can’t be hosting a Brazilian themed party without the national drink of Brazil, after all! The Caipirinha, the national drink of Brazil, is an alcoholic drink made from cachaça (this is, incidentally, the national spirit of Brazil), which is similar to rum in being another derivate of the sugarcane, but is made from a different fermentation process. Caipirinhas are usually paired with limes, but the cocktail is easy to customize with other kinds of fresh fruits, such as watermelons or berries. Keep in mind however that caipirinhas are quite strong as an alcoholic drink, so you or any other light drinkers might want to go easy on this drink!