A Few First Date Ideas

First dates can be a little tricky, as you are still at the point of getting to know one another and get comfortable with each other’s company. One of the best ways to have a first date would be to do something casual and inexpensive, where you do not have to be focused on conversation alone. Here are some ideas that may help.

Clue based games

These will make for a great first date as you will both have to work together to solve a set of clues. One of the better options would be to try something like an escape room, which involves being in a room filled with strangers, with whom you will need to work together with to find out your escape. But, the only drawback will be that you will probably not have much time to have personal conversations while playing the game, since there is a timer involves. However, it is always good to follow up with grabbing a bite to eat as you will then have plenty to talk about which could make for enjoyable conversation.


This is a popular choice for a date, but makes for a good first date as well. The drawback is that you will not have many opportunities for conversation while at a cinema hall, so you will need to follow up with dinner or coffee afterwards. Try to pick a movie that you will both enjoy so that it can serve as a good ice breaker when you spend time afterwards. Romantic comedies make for an excellent choice over action movies. An even better option would be to watch a movie with a plot twist which will give you a lot to talk about when you are finished watching the movie.


The arcade is an enjoyable place to have your first date as it is casual and inexpensive compared to some of the other options. Unlike the escape experience or movie dates, these will give you plenty of chance to talk as well, so you don’t necessarily have to follow up with dinner or coffee afterwards. The best part about the arcade is that there are plenty of games to choose from, so finding one that you will both enjoy should not be too difficult. You can either compete against one another or pick a game that has you working together.

The above three make for some of the best first date options with your partner. They are all inexpensive and should be fun, compared to sitting at a coffee house or having lunch or dinner together.