Too Cheap For The Cinema

October 10, 2016 Off

My cousin has been a movie buff all his life. When he was younger, he would spend his pocket money at the cinema watching the latest movies. Now that he is an adult, his idea of a fun night out is to stay home and watch the latest movie. Even his idea of a date…

By Sofia Greece

Host A Party… A La Brazil!

September 28, 2016 Off

With the 2016 Rio Olympics definitely over and done with, the Olympics fever might certainly be already a thing of the past, but we’re not so sure that the Latin American fever has subsided just yet! The Rio Olympics gave us a colourful introduction into the world of South America through its host country, Brazil,…

By Sofia Greece

Extra-Curricular Activities Of Children

August 19, 2016 Off

Children need to stay motivated as well as energetic and in relaxed mind in their daily life. And extracurricular activities develop talents and passions in children and help them to recreate and get refreshed too. It is really difficult for children to get back to regular routine after a long vacation. Parents become relieved to…

By Sofia Greece