Too Cheap For The Cinema

My cousin has been a movie buff all his life. When he was younger, he would spend his pocket money at the cinema watching the latest movies. Now that he is an adult, his idea of a fun night out is to stay home and watch the latest movie. Even his idea of a date night with his wife is to stay home and watch the latest movie. It’s not exactly romantic, but at least he has the good sense of buying dinner to eat at home instead of making his wife cook dinner. My cousin likes to save money where he can. In his former house, he turned his formal living room into a home theatre by installing speakers on all four walls of the room himself and called it “surround sound.” You could tell that it was a do-it-yourself job because of all the cables hanging from the speakers and wall. Nevertheless, the sound was quite impressive He invited me over one night to watch the movie Twister, turned up the volume and I swear the room was vibrating from the sound of the tornado in the movie. When he upgraded to a newer house in another suburb, he decided to turn the separate games room into a home theatre systems Brisbane. Only problem was that this time his wife wouldn’t let him install the equipment himself. With young children in the house now, she wanted the equipment to be installed by a professional so that there would be no unsightly or unsafe cables hanging off the equipment.  

My cousin shopped around for home theatre specialists and found one that worked with design consultants, architects, property developers as well as individual homeowners, designing and installing home theatres throughout Australia. The home theatre specialist took into account my cousin’s requirements and the configuration of the room. They assessed the designated room for the home theatre and discussed their recommendations and presented my cousin with several custom designs that would meet his budget. Included in the designs was the very best technology. My cousin didn’t have to worry about a thing because they did everything for him from mounting his new flat screen TV on the wall to the complete installation of his custom home theatre.

Now my cousin not only has a first-class home theatre in his house, he is the envy of the extended family because he can watch the latest movies in the comfort of his own home in an audio and visual atmosphere similar to the cinema. Only difference is that he can recline his armchair, lie on the sofa, pause the movie for a refreshment or toilet break or wear only his underwear to the movies; all of which he has done. My cousin’s friend was so impressed by his home theatre, that he has contracted the same home theatre specialist to design and install a home theatre at his home for him.